How to Reset a Carbonator

There are a few ways you can troubleshoot your carbonator if it is not functioning correctly. The first thing to check is your CO2 tank. Make sure that it is connected, the tank is full, and the pressure is reading correctly. Next, make sure the water supply is on and properly connected. Be sure to also check that the power is on, and the main power cord is plugged in to the outlet.


If all of those aspects of the carbonator are connected and properly adjusted, it is possible that there is an air pocket in the tank which won’t allow the probe to read. This will require you to reset the carbonator. In order to do this, turn off the CO2 feed and and clear the line by running all of the water through the tank by opening the pressure relief valve on top of the tank until water comes out.Then run one of the valves at the dispenser to ensure water is flowing through the system.Then, turn on the power and the CO2 and go back to run the fountain until you hear the carbonator motor kick on. This should clear the line and help the carbonator run smoothly again.


Sometimes the water pressure is too high in which case you would need a water regulator. If the incoming water is pressure is too high it will not allow the tank level to drop low enough to activate the motor.  To test this theory, turn off the water and run the valve until the motor turns on. If the motor is delayed turning on, this could be a sign that your motor is bad. Please call us if your motor is faulty, we can help troubleshoot and help you find some better equipment!


Feel free to check out our Youtube channel for a visual representation of how to reset a carbonator as well! 


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