How Does a Soda Fountain Machine Work?

The key to being able to fix something is understanding how it works. Even a basic understanding of the main components of a machine can be instrumental in diagnosing and solving problems. While we at Donastar are always here to help, sometimes it’s more convenient for you if you can fix your machine than to schedule a time for us to come in!


A soda fountain machine has three sources: water, carbon dioxide, and the product.


Starting with water, every soda fountain has a main water source. For most facilities, this water source also runs through filter. From the water filter, the water will run and split at some point. At the splitting point, some of the water will go to the fountain unit and some will go to the carbonator. The still drinks, such as lemonade or tea, will source their water straight from the main water supply. On the other hand, the sparkling drinks will run through the carbonator first. 


Another component to a soda fountain machine is a type of carbon dioxide canister. This can be a smaller canister that may sit close to the fountain, or it could be a bulk container.  Both types of canisters will have a regulator to control the outgoing pressure. There is also a secondary regulator which drops the pressure to supply the pump. The carbon dioxide feeds into the carbonator tank, infuses the water, and runs the carbonated water up to the fountain dispenser.


The third aspect of a soda fountain machine is the product. This often comes in a bag and box with syrup tube attachments. The syrup tubes are individually connected to each valve. Each valve is calibrated to dispense the accurate ratio of syrup to water. What product would you put in a machine?


All three constituents of a typical soda fountain machine work together to dispense the final refreshing product. We hope this gives you a more clear idea of how a soda fountain machine operates. Check out our video on YouTube for a visual representation of this blog.

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