Join Our A-Team at Donastar!

We are a top team of conscientious individuals who deliver exceptional results.

Are you tired of playing T-Ball? At Donastar, we’re seeking
A-Players who embody our core values. We value communicators, confident and
conscientious individuals who deliver exceptional results. Empathy and a growth-minded
attitude are fundamental, while being a great listener and organized
professional are essential. We foster open-mindedness, positivity, and
reliability, all while encouraging resourcefulness and teamwork.

If you’re ready to pursue growth, embrace challenges, and
deliver ‘wins’ for our clients while building mutually beneficial
relationships, we invite you to join our A-Team at Donastar. 

No A-holes on the A-Team

At Donastar, we like to keep our team selfie-free and ego-taming! So, if you’re a self-proclaimed expert in everything (including quantum physics and interpretive dance), this might not be the workplace for you. We’re not seeking individuals who believe the world revolves around them or have mastered the art of taking credit for other people’s successes. If you prefer talking about yourself over listening to others and lack the ability to laugh at yourself, we kindly ask you to sashay away. At Donastar, we value collaboration, empathy, and a healthy dose of humility. Join us, but please leave your mirror at home!

I have thoroughly enjoyed the team dynamic at Donastar, we're small but we're mighty, and everyone plays such an important role in our growth.
Working at Donastar is great because it puts me in a position every day to become a better leader. I get to interact with a wide variety of people everyday and I learn something from each and every person I take with me to help in my career. No 2 days are the same, there is always a new challenge or obstacle to overcome!
I like working for Donastar because of the inclusive and diverse culture.