Lancer FS30 – Selecting Still or Carbonated Water for Valve Buttons



I was recently doing a service on a Lancer FS30 (Flavor Select 30″) dispenser and the customer wanted to change the selection on one of their buttons from still to carbonated water. I thought it might be worthwhile to take a video of this process, which you will find attached to this blog as well as on our YouTube channel.


The process is very simple on this particular style of dispenser. There are individual water modules for each subset of valves which can be controlled via the control board. The FS30 allows 2 of the 4 valve subsets to be reconfigured. The 2 outer valves (8 buttons in total) can not be switched back and forth. The 2 middle subsets (8 buttons in total) can be changed to fit your needs. The valves are numbered 1-4 from right to left if you are looking at the dispensers and the individual buttons are numbered 1-4 from top left (1), bottom left (2), top right (3) and bottom right (4).


To start, remove the merchandiser and lift the light assembly up. There you will find the control board on the right. There are a set of arrow keys and an enter and cancel button. Press the down until you see the “Carb/Water Setup” and press enter. You will now be able to select either V2 or V3, which refers to either the 2nd or 3rd valve subset. Press up or down to change the the valve you are looking to alter. Press right to select the particular button on that valve as it refers to B1-B4. Then you can press right once more and select either Water or Soda for the selected button. If you wish to change more than 1 button simply press left and change the button selection and alter that one as well. Once you have selected the right setup for your unit simply press enter and you are all set up to pour your selected choices.


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