Beam Santory Tower Sleeve Installation

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Today I will be going over the installation of a branded tower for Beam Santory Highball installations. The branded sleeve is sent separately from the generic plumbed-in tower. In order to install, the generic tower needs to be partially disassembled in order to combine with the branded sleeve. A video of this assembly will be attached to this blog soon but I will go over the steps in the paragraphs below.


In order to accomplish this task we will start by taking apart the valve body on the generic tower. There are 2 plastic covers on either side of the valve cover that will be removed along with the metal top. These can be discarded. Next you can remove the valve by taking out the 3 screws that hold it in place. There is one on each side and one on top. The valve will just pull off but keep in mind it will be very snug and might require a bit of effort to take off. Move to the side. Once removed, you can take out the small L bracket that was holding the top of the valve in place and place this to the side as well. Now turn to the inside of the tower as we will need to remove the metal frame that was holding the valve in place. To do this, you will need to remove the small locking bracket that holds the tubing in place where the valve connects. This bracket is held on by one screw and will be needed for re-install later as well. Next, remove the screws holding the valve frame to the tower. This piece can be discarded. You should be left with just the tower cylinder and tubing. This cylinder will slip right inside the new branded sleeve.


You will notice that on the new branded sleeve there is some wiring for the light. This will need to be routed through the cylinder so you should pull the insulated tubing out of the tower. This might require you to remove the small pieces of insulation near the top and replace it later. Route the wire through and run the insulated tubing back through. Now you can insert the cylinder inside the branded sleeve. Place the insulation back on the top portion and guide the two ends into the new opening of the new sleeve. Use the locking bracket you placed aside and lock the two tubes in place. This can be a bit tricky with large hands but patience is key. Attach the small L bracket and now you can place the valve back on as well. Just push in place and secure with the 3 screws you removed from the previous tower mount.


Lastly you will need to secure the bottom. There is a circle at the base for an o-ring, place the supplied o-ring in place and locate the large metal circle base. This will secure at the bottom with 3 screws. The tower is built and ready for placement on either a clamp or to mount in a counter top. Once mounted you can attach the switch for the light. There is a smaller metal circle that will aid in securing the tower to either a counter or clamp. There are different screw types sent with the install kit to allow for these variations.


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