Flojet and Shurflo

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Today I will be going over the two different styles of bib pumps. The two most common types of pumps are Flojet and Shurflo. While these pumps perform the same task, I just wanted to go over what the performance differences and similarities are.

To start, let me describe what these pumps are doing. Both pumps take the product (in most cases this will be soda syrup) and use Co2 to push that product out towards your dispensing unit.

When comparing these two pumps, you can immediately tell that the Shurflo pump is a little bit wider and bigger. In the case of Shurflo, the ports for connecting valves are on the bottom and the top. On the other hand, the Flowjet pump has all ports coming out of the bottom of the pump. Naturally, this makes the Shurflo pump a bit bulkier.

Looking at the Shurflo ports, the product inlet is on the front facing side of the pump and the product outlet is on the top. The Co2 inlet is directly underneath the pump, and the Co2 expulsion port is on the right side of the pump.

On the Flojet pump, all ports are underneath the pump. The main product comes in on the right side of the bottom, and the product comes out on the stainless-steel fitting in the middle of the bottom of the pump. Co2 enters on the leftmost port on the bottom, and the Co2 outlet is the small plastic port underneath, to the left, and nearest the front of the pump.

When it comes to some of the more nuanced differences between these two pumps beyond the port placement, there are not many! The Shurflo pump has push in fittings, which means they can all easily slide out and be replaced. The Flojet fittings can also be removed with a sliding locker, except for the port where the product enters. Should you need to work on this port, you will have to cut your Tygon tubing and re-clamp it.

Like I said, these two pumps are very similar and perform the same task. It is useful to understand some of their differences in design and it is certainly important to know which valve corresponds to the product and which corresponds to the Co2.

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