Beam Suntory Highball Chiller Carbonator Tubing set-up

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Recently, I performed another service on a Highball machine.  Check out some of the other blogs regarding the typical highball set up on the Donastar website. For this blog, I will be discussing the tubing set up on the Beam Suntory chiller/carbonator. Normally, the tubing can be a little tricky for the Beam Suntory Chiller because there are several lines. My goal is to explain the process in order to get the unit operating properly. There are images to accompany this article to help you understand the process!


To start, find the three connections on the underside of the chiller. On one side you will find the main water inlet and the co2 inlet. Luckily, the co2 inlet comes with the fitting already on it. The fitting is a 3/8″ hole, so just use the length of tubing provided for this connection. On the opposite side is the drain connection. The water and drain connections are 1/2″ thread that will step down to 3/8″ barb fitting. These fittings are also supplied, but you will need to assemble them.


Once that is complete, turn to the inside of the chiller. This is where you will need to connect the carbonated water out, the liquor in and liquor out,  as well as. the re circulation lines. Luckily, the co2 line is already attached to the tank. However, fittings will need to be put on to the carbonated water out, liquor out, and liquor in. Like the other fittings, the necessary fittings are supplied with the machine. Find the two smaller barb fittings, they will go on the liquor out and carbonated water out. These are on the right side if you are facing the chiller head on. Once the fittings are on, they get connected to the pre plumbed tower lines. The other larger 1/4″ barb fitting goes on the liquor in port. This is on the left side if you are facing the chiller head on, and is plumbed to the flojet bib pump. Lastly, the other clear vinyl lines that are pre plumbed on the tower are the re circulation lines. These attach to the stainless port and the other port that are located in the top right corner of the water bath. Again, please see images for reference to help understand the attachments. Keep in mind, it does not matter which line goes where as they just recirculate in a loop using the water in the ice bath.


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