FBD Flavor Calibration



I recently did an install of an FBD 773 frozen drink dispenser at a Burger King location. Given the service, I would write about the process of calibrating the flavors. Calibration is a crucial step to make sure that the product is being dispensed correctly. If not, the product can be too watery or too icy. Luckily, the process is quite easy to do. I have accompanied some images with this blog to reference as well.


To start, you will want to start by removing the front panel to gain access to the valves. To explain what you are looking at: you will note that the left side paddle on the valve turns on and off the water and the right side paddle turns on and off the syrup. In the front of the valve is a small piece of clear vinyl tubing. Through the tubing is where the water and syrup will dispense. The product gets calibrated by opening or closing this valve.

Next,  you will need to check the water to ensure that it is pouring at the recommended flow rate of 1.5oz per sec. To do this, please turn off the syrup side paddle and time a 10 second pour in to a measuring device in order to reach 15 oz in that time frame. If the timing is off, turn the adjustment screw on the left side to increase or decrease the flow rate until the target is hit.

Once the timing is correct, you can open the syrup paddle to measure the finished product for the correct brix. In order to complete this step you will need a Refractometer to adjust to the correct brix.  To explain what brixing is: the brix scale is calibrated to the number of grams of cane sugar contained in 100 mL of water. Therefore, the Brix % reading equals actual sugar concentration. Each product has a specific percentage. For the product I was servicing, I targeted a brix percentage of somewhere between 13-15. Normally, for “light” flavors you will want the percentage to be a bit lower.

Once the percentage is determined, you can start by dispensing 15 oz of mixed product and discarding. Fill again and mix in the cup to ensure a well blended product. Using your dropper, place a drop or two on the glass of the refractometer and look through the lens to check for the correct number. If the brix is off, turn the right side adjustment screw to increase or decrease the flow rate of the syrup and repeat the process until you hit the desired number range. This is the process I went through at Burger King, and now the product is calibrated correctly! Yum!


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