FBD Barrel Start Up


Today, I am writing a continuation to my last blog about calibrating flavors on a frozen beverage dispenser. Check it out, if you haven’t please! This blog will discuss how to properly start up each barrel on an FBD 773 dispenser. Basically, the process can be applied on other FBD units as well. I have added images to follow along with the menu prompts during the start up. The photos are at the bottom of the blog.

This barrel start up is fairly simple and straightforward. First, you will need to enter the service menu on the screen. On the particular dispenser I am working on, you will need to press the green check mark button and middle black button under the screen simultaneously. Once pressed, the screen will bring up the service menu. Other dispensers might have slightly different tactics to bring up the menu.

After, You can navigate down to Maintenance menu and hit the check mark button. Once pressed, you will see the Purge/Fill/Drain Barrel selection. Enter this menu.

Once in the menu, you will see the barrel choices and at the bottom you can view the purge/drain/fill options. Only do one barrel at a time and follow on the screen prompts. The process is straightforward to understand.

In detail, you will start with Gas Purge first. The barrel will fill with gas and then ask you to vent all pressure until satisfied. To do this, you will pull on the metal ring for the corresponding barrel and release it once the pressure is vented. You will do this process a couple more times until the screen reads ‘Gas Purge Complete’. After, Continue the same process with the remaining barrels.

Next, we can fill each barrel. Starting with the first barrel, you will push the fill barrel selection. You will be asked to vent all pressure. Again, pull on the ring until the pressure is released. You will need to do this one more time at the end as well to allow the barrel to fill up completely. Please place a bucket underneath the barrel to catch any product that comes out of the release port.  Please Continue the process with the remaining barrels.

Finally, once all barrels are filled, you will navigate back to the main menu and select barrel 1 and defrost. Once the defrost cycle is complete, you can then press ‘on’ for barrel 1 and this will begin the freezing cycle. When this is complete, the screen will read ‘Ready’ for the specific barrel. Please continue the process with the remaining barrels.


If the process was done correctly, all barrels should now be frozen and ready to drink! Congratulations and enjoy!

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