Installing Multiplex 2803 Remote Chiller Carbonator


Donastar had a service in Massachusetts last week! I was on the road to replace an existing chiller carbonator. In detail, I installed the Multiplex 2803 Chiller. The reason for the switch was because the new unit would produce more product for the customer than the existing chiller that was installed. This chiller can chill up to 6 syrups along with the carbonated water.

My first task was to shut down and disconnect the existing chiller. In detail, I first bleed out all of the water and syrup lines, drained the ice bath and made sure everything was clearly marked for re-installation of the new chiller. The process is quite messy because it is almost certain that the syrup in the lines will drip when they are cut. Unfortunately, some clean up after removal was definitely needed. STICKY! After some time, I was able get everything cleaned up and the space cleared for the new installation.

To start the installation, I extended the lines a bit to be able to connect to the new chiller. However, when I unboxed the new Multiplex 2803 chiller I was pleasantly surprised that it came with a roll of 3/8″ braided tubing to extend the line. Moreover, it came with the fittings needed to connect the machine. All of the fittings for the syrup could connect to John Guest style push to connect fittings. This makes connecting the tubing pretty easy.

Locating each line was straightforward as well because each coil is clearly marked with the number associated with it. I had to connect the syrup IN to coil 1 and syrup OUT to the other end of coil 1 and so on. Next, I connected the water IN to the water line that was already pre-plumbed in the unit. I also attached the carbonated water line on the OUT side of the coil in the chiller. I took similar steps with the recirculating water line. Next, I connected the appropriate line to the dispensing tower. One last line to connect was the co2 IN!

Now that all the lines were connected I filled the water bath. There is a handy fill valve installed inside the unit that makes the process easy. This chiller has a large water bath so it does take some time to fill up. Once filled, I plugged in the unit!

Unfortunately, I encountered an issue. I did not realize before hand, but this unit requires a 20 amp outlet for the 20 amp plug. Thankfully, I located the correct outlet quickly and turned on the unit.  Once fired up, I bled the carbonation tank, ran some water through the tower, turned on the c02, set to the appropriate PSI, and ran the carbonated water at the valve of the tower. Lastly, I checked for leaks,wrapped all the tubing from the chiller to the tower with insulation, and calibrated the syrups on the tower. All worked out well and the unit was operating flawlessly.


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