Changing a Valve from Plain Water to Flavor on Lancer dispenser

Hello all,

 This week I will be discussing a recent service I completed at Thomas Aquinas College in Northfield, MA. I installed this account for Tractor Beverages a little over a month ago and set the 6 valve fountain up to dispense 5 flavors and 1 plain water.

Recently, the customer since reached out expressing that they would like to add another soda option to the dispenser. In detail, they wanted to eliminate the plain water valve and replace it with another flavor. Just a little insight, the valves on this type of fountain dispenser can be set up to dispense either carbonated water or plain water but not both. So this means having to eliminate the plain water in order to dispense another one of Tractor’s soda options. Fortunately, the dining hall has a water cooler nearby for the students to get plain filtered water and they get an additional soda flavor!

For the service, the main two tasks were to run a length of syrup tubing from the dispenser to the BIB rack area in the basement, add a BIB pump, and reconfigure the dispenser itself. I started by running the line which fortunately for me wasn’t too far away since I was alone doing this service. Once the line was ran, I installed the pump on the BIB rack in the basement and connected it to the syrup line that I just finished running. Next, I added the tubing and BIB connector for the syrup box and set up the co2 circuit, in order for it to connect to the BIB. After, I could work on the dispenser itself. This meant first disconnecting the plain water from the water line and adding a tee to connect the carbonated water to that location. You can see in the images attached that the Lancer allows for 3 different water set ups. You can have 1, 2 and 3 valves dispensing the type of water you desire. For this lancer machine, I set up the system to dispense carbonated water at all valves. Once that was done, I connected the syrup line I ran to the open syrup port on valve 5, the corresponding valve we changed over. Once that was completed, I went back downstairs to hook up the box of syrup and connect the co2 to the pump. 

Once the set up was complete, I checked to confirm the syrup was being sent to the dispenser. The only thing left to do is head back to the dispenser and check for leaks and button everything back up. Finally, I calibrated the valve to 5.5 to 1 ratio that is required and changed over the valve sticker to the correct product being dispensed

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