Inconsistent carbonation levels



Welcome to another blog in October! I will be detailing a service done for one of our customers, Sketchers. This service was down in Moreno Valley, CA by one of our service technicians Gorge Macias. You might have seen him in previous YouTube tutorials or maybe you even got the chance to see him in person, servicing one of your locations! 


The reason for the visit to Sketchers was to service their carbonation issue. They were not getting consistent carbonation levels in their Batch Craft Sodas. With Craft Sodas, fountain drink carbonation levels can be effected by many different aspects of the equipment. Before I dive in to the solution, I will discuss some of the reasons behind the carbonation issues and what you need to do to troubleshoot. First, the water or syrup levels might not be cold enough which causes carbonation to decrease. Another cause might be the drink volume. If the volume out of the valve is too fast, the carbonation is offset and cannot balance the right ratio. Additionally, the carbonation issue could be due to the CO2 pressure being too high or low. Finally, even environmental causes like the altitude can affect the amount of bubbles in a drink! 


In this particular service, we found that one of the gauges on the co2 pressure regulator was reading incorrectly. In detail, the needle on the outgoing pressure was inoperable. Luckily, Gorge has seen this before so he knew the correct steps to take in order to fix the carbonation. First, he removed the plastic top on the gauge and straightened out the needle for it to read properly. Once, the needle was fixed, he could see that the CO2 pressure was lower than necessary. Usually, the PSI should be between 85-100.  He quickly adjusted the PSI and Sketchers was back on track! The machine had a much more consistent and satisfying carbonation level for all of the Batch Craft Soda Drinks. 

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