Jim Beam Highball Installation Part 2


 If you recall, in my last blog I wrote about the most recent install of a Jim Beam Highball dispensing system at Dunkin Donuts park in Hartford CT.  To piggyback off that blog, I will provide more detail on the dispenser that make it unique. Overall, the main reasons it differs from any chiller or dispenser that chills and carbonates water, are the unique branded towers and clamping system.

Starting with the branded tower, this portion comes separate and is essentially a sleeve. It needs to be assembled and merged with the basic tower dispenser that is sent with this system. In detail, first disassemble the valve attached to basic tower in order to place the tower inside the branded tower cover. Start by removing the screw holding the valve cover assembly in place. (You will not need this portion of the tower for the new tower cover). Then, remove the valve from the tower by removing the screws holding it in place, and set aside. Also, remove the metal mounting bracket that the valve was mounted on from the tower. Retain the small mounting piece that is used to secure the valve with the top screw as well as the metal bracket that holds the valve tubes in place. These will be needed for remounting the valve on the new tower cover. Next, it is time to insert the tower into the branded tower cover. Once inserted, route the tubes with the small o-rings the valve connects to through the given slots and attach the piece retained from the previous bracket to secure. Finally, attach the other small bracket to crew down the top portion of the valve and attach the valve (You will need to install mounting discs to the bottom of the tower). Place the large o-ring provided on the base of the tower and attach the large mounting disc to the base. Done!

For the clamping unit, the device gives you the option of mounting this tower at the edge of any counter simply by using the clamping screws to hold it in place. You will need to attach the tower to this clamp by routing the tubing through and attaching the smaller mounting disc on the bottom side to hold in place. *Make sure you do this before connecting to the chiller*.

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