Jim Beam Highball Installation

JIM BEAM HIGHBALL INSTALLATION – DUNKIN DONUTS PARK                                                                        


Hello all, I recently completed an installation of a Jim Beam Highball tower and chiller at the Dunkin Donuts Park (Home of the Yard Goats!) in Hartford CT. I wanted to go over some of the details with you on how this system works and how the install went.


This system consists of a remote chiller connected to a tower that can dispense a Highball cocktail (whiskey and soda water). It does this by utilizing the chiller to chill and carbonate the water and chill the Jim Beam. They are mixed in the post mix valve located on the tower mounted on the bar.  


For the installation, you will need to locate an area where the chiller is behind the bar with the tower within 3 ft. The dimensions of the chiller are 12″W x 20″D x 31″H and electrical is standard 115v. Keep in mind the area for the chiller must be several inches larger to allow for ample heat exchange. The tower can be mounted on the bar via a mounting bracket as long as the counter is less than 4.7″ thick and has a flat edge. Otherwise a hole will need to be drilled in the bar to accommodate. Next, a water source must be located with the ability to supply a water pressure of at least 13PSI. Co2 will also be needed, this can be leveraged from a beer tap system if available under counter or a new line will need to be ran to a Co2 canister either at the bar or elsewhere if possible. This system will include a water filter if the water source found does not already have one in place. Lastly an area to mount a BIB pump and regulator for the whiskey circuit. I was able to work with the customer, who was very helpful, to find an area for all the equipment and needs necessary to install here.  


This install went rather smoothly. I located the chiller under the bar next to a sink and the tower on the mounting bracket just above within 3 ft. I placed a co2 canister (provided by the customer) on the far end of the bar tucked in a corner safely out of the way and ran a 1/4″ high pressure line around the underside of the bar to the chiller  and component location. This line will enter a regulator I mounted under the bar and will split off with the high pressure side going to the co2 inlet on the chiller and the low pressure side feeding the BIB pump. The bib pump was mounted on the wall behind the chiller. A water source was utilized from the 3/8″ compression shutoff on the bar sink beside the chiller and I placed a 3/8″x3/8″x3/8″ angle stop tee with a shutoff. This water line was fed to a water filter I mounted behind the chiller on the back wall and then into the water inlet of the chiller. The tower was mounted per the instructions and the insulated tubing ran to the chiller where the carbonated water, chilled liquor, and cold water tubes connected. Then, I turned on the water and bled the air from the carbonation tank. The Co2 tank should have a pressure around 110PSI. Run water from the tower until the carbonator kicks on and carbonated water is dispensed from the tower. Check for leaks before placing the top back on the chiller. Finally, I connected the liquor circuit which consisted of connecting a 1/4″ line from the BIB pump to the chiller and a 3/8″ line to where the liquor bottle reserve will be located on the front of the unit. This reserve can also be mounted on a wall if space or preference allows. Once the liquor reserve is mounted you can then connect your 3/8″ line. Place your liquor bottles in the reserve and set your BIB regulator to 30PSI and bleed a bit through the tower to remove any air in the system. Set you ratios on the valve on the tower, 4 parts water to 1 part liquor in this case, and you are all set. Only the liquor side flow rate can be adjusted as the carbonated water flows at a rate of roughly 1 oz per second. You are now ready to enjoy a perfectly mixed perfectly chilled Jim Beam Highball!

For a replacement part or any additional questions or concerns, please visit for contact information or call us at 833-366-2782. We are happy to help. We have lots of other content on diagnosing and fixing beverage issues, please check those out for a fast/free way to keep your cups full!


Thanks, Mike

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