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Welcome to the continuation of my Lancer Bold 30i blog!  I started it a couple weeks ago where I discussed some of the details regarding this new fountain dispenser.  Since I wrote that blog, myself and a couple on the Donastar team headed down to San Antonio to meet with the Lancer and the Travel Center of America teams. We learned a lot about this particular unit, as well as an array of other soda dispenser equipment. Besides equipment, I got insight on Travel Centers and their operations.

The main focus for me was to have a chance to see this new Bold 30i dispenser in person, meet with our local installers and ensure a smooth service in removing old equipment and installing the new into this Travel Centers location. Our local install team was great to work with, did a fantastic job and the Travel Centers management was thrilled.

In detail, the soda service was more of a dispenser swap than a full install as we utilized the existing backroom set up (BIBS, pumps and line set). However, we replaced the water booster, pump deck and water filters. This dispenser resembles the Lancer Twin Pour but with a smaller footprint. It uses much of the same database with some minor differences. For the swap, we will focus on getting water and syrup to the dispenser and calibrating both. Once the dispenser is up on the counter and connected, the water booster and pump deck gets installed and connected, the water can be turned it.

To do this, the first thing is to purge all the air from the water lines, first through the carbonator tank by flipping the release tab located on the bottom right of the dispenser until water is expelled through. Next power up the dispenser and purge the system  through the valves, by accessing the service menu and using the key switch. It needs to be turned towards the back of the dispenser so the keypad pops up on the screen to enter the service code. Once in the menu, you enter the maintenance section so a schematic of all the valves will appear with a purge option below each valve. You can purge the still and carbonated water valves from here, up to 4 valve at one time! Keep in mind the valves will continue to purge until selected again to stop. Once that has been completed you can turn on the co2 and then plug in the pump deck and water booster. Activate each carbonated soda valve until allowing the pump deck to cycle on and off until you have carbonated water coming from the valves.

Next, calibrate your water modules. To do this, go back to the main service menu and select ‘Valve Calibration’. Touch the calibrate option below the water valve you want to calibrate. A new menu will appear with a slider option to select the flow rate and volume. You will need to set the Bold 30i for a flow rate of 73.93 ml/sec, which is roughly 2.5 oz/sec. You will then set the volume portion to 200 ml.Take your graduated cylinder and place it under the appropriate nozzle and tap the purge button. If the fill stops above or below the 200ml line on your measuring device,  adjust the valve module by turning the screw clockwise to increase the flow or counterclockwise to decrease the flow rate. Do this until you have achieved the 200 ml pour on all water valves.

Finally,  use the brand, or syrup portion. (You will want to apply all the appropriate brand images to each valve before this step). To calibrate each syrup valve you will once again select the calibrate button under the brand you want to calibrate and that will open a menu similar to the water button calibration. Move the volume slider to 50 ml and do as you did with the water button. Place your graduated cylinder below the nozzle and tap purge. Set each valve module accordingly until you achieve a pour of 50ml!


Fora replacement part or any additional questions or concerns, please visit for contact information or call us at 833-366-2782. We are happy to help. We have lots of other content on diagnosing and fixing beverage issues, please check those out for a fast/free way to keep your cups full!







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