A leak at the beverage filler that you can fix without replacing parts!

This week I wanted to discuss a repair for a specific leak on our beverage filler. Donastar has their own Beverage Filler which dispenses purified water for your beverage needs. We use these fillers for filling up Crathco style bubbler units and cambro style containers to ensure you are mixing your product with the best quality water. For example, we have installed many of these fillers at Chipotle locations across the country for Crathco units which dispense delicious Tractor Beverages.

Due to the high volume of use beverage equipment experience, leaks can occur from time to time.  One in particular that I have found can be repaired without the need of part replacement, around the bottom of the riser rod.

If you notice a drip coming from the top of the mounted base area of the filler it could be leaking from the bottom of riser rod. I filmed a short video that will accompany this blog so that you can better understand the repair.

First, shut of the main water supply to the Beverage Filler and run any excess water from the nozzle. You will need a few tools to perform this repair, a couple crescent wrenches (soft jaw preferably), plumbers tape, plumbers dope and some lubricant.Next, you will need to unscrew the stabilizing rod attached to the wall from the riser rod in order to remove it from the base. You will need to start by loosening and unscrewing the large nut at the base of the beverage filler in order to remove the riser rod from the base.You won’t see this in the video but when the beverage filler is installed in a location. Once removed, you will notice that there is a piece attached to the rod which sits in the base and has a rubber o-ring on it. This is the part that can sometimes come loose and leak. Unscrew this part from the rod and assess for any damage. Clean up the rod and then apply a bit of plumbers tape to the rod threads. Next use a bit of plumbers dope on the threads to ensure a tight seal. Once that is done you can screw the o-ring attachment back on the riser rod. Now, a pair of soft jaw pliers or rubber gloves will help to avoid marring up the finish on the surface of the rod. Hold the rod with one pair of pliers and tighten the o-ring piece with the other until snug. Apply some lubricant on the o-ring. To reassemble, push the rod back to the base and screw down the large nut on the base. Again, use soft jaw pliers to ensure not to scratch. Re-attach the stabilizing bar back to the riser rod and secure tightly. Check the tightness of the base now that the rod is held in place firmly with the stabilizer rod. Turn on the water supply and run the beverage filler and check for leaks.

Following these steps will help get the unit back in to operation much faster and have you pouring your high quality H20 once again.

For additional questions or concerns, please visit for contact information or call us at 833-366-2782. We are happy to help! We have lots of other content on diagnosing and fixing beverage issues, please check those out for a fast/free way to keep your cups full!




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