Dispensing flavor products at a higher ratio! Lancer TST value module: changing from a Flow Control Valve to a Brix Screw Valve.




This week I visited a location to change over valve modules in a Lancer TST unit. One of our customers manufactured a new 1 gallon bag in a box with a much higher ratio than a normal BIB. Usually the ratio on BIBS are 5 to 1, this one is  25 to 1! In order to dispense at this ratio, the normal Flow Control Valve (FCV) will need to be swapped out for Brix Screw valves. The Brix screw valve allow for a much more finite adjustment. I have added several images and videos of this process as it will take a few hours to complete from start to finish.


The service is pretty involved, so I will provide the overview below.


First, you will need to shut down the system and remove the outer casing and LCD screen to access the valves. Once you have access the valves, you will need to swap out each FCV valve with a new Brix Screw valve. This can be achieved by doing one at a time or taking all off and replacing them. Be mindful to connect the correct colored wire to each valve! Next, upgrade the water valve modules to allow for a larger flow rate of water. These are done in the same fashion as the flavor valves. Once they are all swapped out you can then unit back together.


Once the unit is back together, turn the water and CO2 back on and hook up the new 25.1 ratio BIBs. Make sure to install the new U/I files that will support the brix screw valve modules. Plug in the flash drive to the USB and upload the new software by accessing the service menu (Contact us if you need help with this step). Once uploaded you will need to reconfigure each valve over to the brix screw and re-calibrate accordingly.


For a replacement or any additional questions or concerns, please visit for contact information or call us at 833-366-2782. We are happy to help, even if you just need further assistance on removing  the co2/air line.


We have lots of other content on diagnosing and fixing beverage issues, so please check those out for a fast/free way to keep your cups full!






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