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This week the blog is directed to the many Donastar Service Partners around North America.  I will discuss Donastar’s updated online form portal. At Donastar, we have created several different online forms for our service partners and customers, some of which you might be familiar with. They range from site survey forms to service completion forms, that were previously laid out in a singular fashion on the website. As we continue to grow and bring on many new clientele, Donastar needed a better way to organize these forms, especially custom forms that are tailored to the needs of specific clients. As a solution, there is a new portal to make it easier for our customers and service partners to find and use the correct form that they need. We try our hardest at Donastar to listen to you and improve your overall experience. The new form makes any service as easy as possible to get the job done and to ensure it is done right.


Our new portal is located under our Service Partner Tools icon which is at the top right of our website. Once opened up you will find two sections

  1. Company Name Associated with the Service

      2.    Service Type

You will need to enter the company name that the service would be associated with.  The name is always located in the subject of the service request.  For instance, if this was a service for a “Tractor Beverage” account you would enter “Tractor” in the 1st field. Once that is entered, click on the 2nd field and a drop down will appear showing the list of forms available. If this was an install that was being completed by a service partner you would locate the “Installation” form and click on that. Then tap “go” and it will open up the form that will need to be filled out. It’s that simple!


Once the form is open you will need to fill out all the necessary fields associated with that form. Anything with a red or black asterisk is mandatory and the form will not submit unless those fields are populated.

For any additional questions or concerns, please visit donastar.comfor contact information or call us at 833-366-2782. We are happy to help, even if you just need further assistance.


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