Installation of Cornelius ED200 Fountain System

Wondering how the installation process works?

I’m going to be discussing a recent Donastar installation on a Cornelius ED200 Fountain System (pictured in above video) at a new Garbanzo location. Hopefully the blog and accompanying video can help you understand how the Donastar installation process works! I did the installation along side another technician, Ryan, from one of our trusted service partners. As Donastar works with service partners all over the country, it’s always a pleasure when I get to work along side one of them! The opportunity gives us the ability to learn from each other and foster our relationship.We take great pride in having qualified technicians to rely on when it comes time to install or service your beverage equipment. 


With the installation, there was some flexibility due to the early construction stages of the location. At the restaurant, Donastar could work with the customer and general contractor throughout the whole process to ensure all needed utilities and space were accounted for before the installation. We always stress working closely with the customer and facility team at a new or existing location to make sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently. Donastar has implemented an online form as well that makes it possible to survey the installation location remotely and garner all the needed information, saving time and enforcing efficiency. 


This specific installation was an 8 valve Cornelius ED200 with 7 syrups and 1 water valve. The product was located roughly 75 feet away in the back of the house, meaning a line was run from the BIBS to the machine. In this case, we had all the equipment shipped to the location for the installation, but we can also have the installers bring equipment as well if that’s more convenient. 


Upon arrival, the technician and I ran a trunk line of beverage tubing through the conduit in the floor that the general contractor had put in place for us during construction. We ran a fish tape from one end to the other and secured the trunk line to it. This helps to pull the line through to the beverage dispenser from the back of the house. Once that was done, we placed the unit on the counter and my service technician connected the unit while worked from the back of the house setting up the BIB rack system. In certain instances, the BIBs can be located directly under the unit as well. The water source was located under the counter here, so this is where we placed the carbonator and water filter for this installation. These can also be located in the back of house in some circumstances. By the time I was finished setting up the BIB system, our service partner was ready up front. With both of us working together, it makes the process go a lot faster! We made sure all the connections were made and turned on the water to start the system. Then I fired up the co2 in the back of the house and connected the BIBS. We were ready to calibrate!


Our last step is to ensure all the products taste great. We cleaned up the minimal mess we made and left with a happy customer. Donastar was sure to check back in after to confirm satisfaction from the customer! 


For any additional questions or concerns, please visit for contact information or call us at 833-366-2782. We are happy to help, even if you just need further assistance.


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