Is your Donastar Water Filter Leaking?

If you have a Donastar water filter that is leaking water, the problem could be the filter head (The housing where the water inlet and outlet are) or the water filter cartridge. Water Filters on beverage dispensers are designed to remove certain suspended or dissolved substances, before reaching your customer’s cup. Having a working water filter is crucial in keeping your beverages sanitary and tasting great. Upon noticing a leak at the filter head, it is important to first identity the type of filter housing you have on site. Secondly, the problem with the filter head can be better identified if you determine where the leak is coming from. Donastar can help with either of the previous steps if pictures are provided to the service team. A temporary solution to the problem until properly diagnosed, is to turn off the water that feeds to the filter. Usually there is a simple on/off switch prior to the filter. This will stop the water source, and therefore, stop the leak. Once the problem is properly described, the leak can be diagnosed. There are two main ways to fix the leak. One is by contacting Donastar who can walk you through the steps or send a local service provider to the site of the issue. Reaching out to the Donastar service team can be done with a simple phone call or a form submission which automatically starts a reactive service task. Before reaching out, any additional evidence of the problem can help with further diagnostics: pictures and videos are beneficial and can be attached to the form. The other method is to fix the leaking filter head yourself by following the step by step tutorial which is shown in the attached video. The following script will also give a shorter summary of how the issue is fixed. With leaks, you likely need to replace the filter head. First, the water to the filter needs to be turned off if it has not been already. This will stop the leak temporarily. Second, unscrew and remove the filter cartridge from the housing. It will come off by screwing counter clockwise. Third, remove the filter head form the mounting location. You will need a screwdriver for this step. Next, disconnect the inlet and outlet fitting by removing clips and pulling out the fittings. Now the new filter can be prepared and put on. Prepare the new filter head by ensuring that the 2 plugs are installed in the same locations as the old filter head.- Connect the inlet (front) and outlet (rear) to the new filter head and attach clips. Once the filter head has been assembled, you can replace the filter head. Place new filter head back in original mounting location and twist back in the filter cartridge. Don’t forget to date the filter cartridge. Finally, open flush valve, inset flush tubing in drain or bucket and turn on water and flush filter. After flushing, close the flush valve and check for any leaks. If water is flowing properly from dispenser and/or beverage filler, the filter should be good to go. Please contact Donastar (833-366-2782) with any questions or additional problems. We are more than happy to help you.

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