Understanding a Carbonator Pump

Today we will take a look at a carbonator and pump deck. This is used to carbonate your fountain beverages from your dispenser. CO2 gas is mixed with water inside the tank to create carbonated water. Here is a little explanation about how this system works.


This unit is placed somewhere near your BIB rack system or underneath your fountain dispenser. It has 4 different connection points for water and CO2 gas. Please note that if you are assembling this yourself, you will likely need to attach all of these fittings to the carbonator.


On top of the carbonator are two 3/8″ barbed fittings that serve as water outlets. They connect to the dispenser via the 3/8″ tubing. To the left of these two water outlets is a 1/4″ barbed inlet fitting. This is for your CO2 gas connection and it allows the gas to mix with the water in the tank. The last 3/8″ barbed fitting is located on the brass Procon pump. This connection is for your water inlet.


When all of the tubing is connected, you can start the carbonator. First, turn on your water and locate the pressure relief valve on the tank. It is a small plastic valve that can be opened and is usually red or black. Open this valve and fill the tank until water starts to come out, then close it. This helps to eliminate air pockets in the tank and allows the tank to fill completely with water. Next, turn on your CO2 gas and set the pressure on the regulator to between 70 and 110 psi (there are variable pressure rates depending on your system). You want the gas pressure to be 20 psi higher than your water pressure.  Now you can plug in your carbonator to the electrical outlet.


Once the unit is plugged in, you can start to run the valves on your fountain dispenser. You will need to run the water through the valves for a few minutes– it takes a bit of time for the tank to empty the flat water out and activate the mixing of CO2 gas and water. Keep draining water until you hear the pump kick on. Once it does, stop running the valves until it shuts off. Then run the valves again. You should start to see the flat water turn to carbonated water at this point.


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