How to set up and troubleshoot your Beverage BIB Rack and ShurFlo BIB Pump

Before getting into the details of the video, there is some prior information that is good to know. Although most pumps will end up being attached to a BIB (Bag-in-Box) rack, BIB pumps come separately and can be attached to different sized rack systems. The BIB pumps can also be attached to the wall. They attach with a back plate that the pump snaps into.  These can slide into the designed bib racks or screwed into place. Once put together, the racks and pumps can be located remotely in a back room, away from the dispenser, or directly under the counter where the dispenser is located. Although there are different options for pumps, the pumps in this video aremanufactured by Shurflo and are High Altitude pumps. These are being mounted on a single rack system.

To understand the pump itself, the details of the video will be scripted below. There is a part of the pump with a pressure release port that will be covered with a red rubber cap (this will pop off when co2 is applied) and is what you hear making the pumping sound of your pump when it is operational. Secondly, there is a syrup inlet fitting. This is where you will connect your BIB to clear (Tygon) tubing. There is also a syrup outlet fitting and this will connect from the BIB pump to the dispenser. Finally, there is the Co2/air inlet. This is where you will connect your lines from your co2/air source. This connection is unique in the fact that it has an automatic stop when it is not inserted. This gives you the ability to remove this fitting from a pump without affecting the others in the system. All of the connections on this pump are made with sliding locks to hold the fittings in place and require no tools to remove/insert.

When connecting all the pumps together with your co2/air line be sure to set up in the most efficient way to equalize pressure across the pumps to ensure the most effective use.

There are some issues that might appear with bib pumps. The first most common issue is a runaway pump which is when the air is continually pumped through the component. Runaway pumps are caused by an empty BIB, a BIB not connected correctly or simply a bad pump seal. The second issue is if there are leaks from the fittings. Leaks on the fitting can be addressed by replacing the fittings, rubber o-rings, or re-clamping the lines to the barbed fittings.The third issue is when the pump is not working at all.  You could havea bad pump, a clogged line or no co2/air connected.


If you are having trouble, get a hold of Donastar and we can help you diagnose, troubleshoot and fix your BIB pump issue.


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