Brixing Tractor Fountain Machine

Tractor Beverage Guide to Setting Valve Ratios


Checking Ratios


  1. Locate your ratio cup and syrup separator as well as a Phillips screwdriver

  2. Remove cover from valve by pushing up on valve cover.

  3. Insert s-tube syrup separator into valve nozzle

  4. Place ratio cup so that the 5.5:1 side is placed under the s-tube and cup is under nozzle

  5. Dispense valve once, empty cup and dispense until cup is full

  6. Check to see that water and syrup are even at top of cup


Adjusting Ratios


  1. Using your Phillips screwdriver adjust the syrup side screw (right side) to adjust syrup flow rate

  2. Turn clockwise to increase syrup and counter-clockwise to decrease syrup.

  3. Repeat steps 5-7 above until water and syrup are even at top of cup

If Foaming is an issue


  1. Reduce water flow rate by turning the water side screw (left side) counter-clockwise to reduce water flow rate

  2. Adjust syrup accordingly by following same steps above until ratio is set properly at 5.5 to 1.

  3. Remove syrup separator and pour into glass to see if foaming has reduced

  4. Repeat as needed


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