Tractor Beverage Cleaning and Maintenance

Daily Recommended Maintenance


  1. Prepare sanitizing solution (Kay-5 is recommended)

  2. Remove all nozzles and diffuser and place in sanitizing solution

  3. Clean with a small bristle brush if necessary

  4. Clean underside of valve body with small bristle brush and sanitizing solution

  5. Let nozzles and diffuser air dry, when dry re-install on valves

  6. Pour some of the sanitizing solution over cup rest and into drip pan

  7. Wipe down the inside of the drip pan with a clean towel

  8. Wipe down dispenser


Weekly Recommended Maintenance


  1. Check ratios on all valves to ensure product is pouring correctly, re-calibrate is needed (Refer to the guide on how to set valve product ratio)

  2. Wipe down BIB connector and lines to ensure all is clean

  3. When changing a BIB soak connector in a sanitizing solution for a couple minutes before reconnecting to new BIB


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