Tractor Fountain Soda Installation at Subversive Brewing

Today I wanted to highlight a recent install that Donastar did at Subversive Brewing for Tractor Beverages. With this location being in Upstate NY, I was the one on site to install this equipment personally! I do enjoy the times I get to meet with our customers directly and squeeze some Oetiker clamps first hand. The gentlemen of Subversive, Max and Zane, were awesome to work with. The brewery is an old mechanics garage with outdoor picnic table style seating. They offer a great beer selection as well as local cider, wine and spirits. They also have a kitchen with delicious food for those who want a bite to eat. This is a true farm to table, local brewery that uses all local ingredients and makes all their own malt in house. This couldn’t be a better fit for the Tractor organic soda products now being offered here.


The install itself went very well and Zane and Max were very helpful and hands on with the set up. Zane was able to run the PVC pipe needed to accommodate the drain placement while I set up the fountain unit. The unit is sitting on the main bar top by the main entrance with plenty of visibility so customers know that Tractor is now offered at the establishment.  All of the bag in boxes are set up behind the bar and out of the way with easy access for the crew to change flavors as needed. The unit is a 6 valve Cornelius and is dispensing 5 flavors as well as a plain water option. The install was very straightforward as everything was right underneath and the space was pretty open and easy to access. Please check out a couple images of the finished product. If you ever find yourself in the area, pop on over and try some Tractor soda..oh and maybe some of their delicious beer as well!


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