Highball Installation Part 3


 A fun drinking game…


Take a shot every time, we install a highball and mention it in our blog!


I recently completed another Lancer Highball install last week. The installation was located at Cha Chan Tang in the Chinatown district of NYC. The major difference between this one and the last install at the Hartford Yard Goats stadium is the tower and whiskey choice (blog). This location is utilizing Toki Japanese whiskey as opposed to the Jim Beam option in Hartford.


This installation gave me a great opportunity to work with one of our service partners and go through some onsite training for these particular installations. It’s always a great chance to get to know our service partners more closely and ensure they are fully versed on the equipment they will be installing and/or repairing. Having a well-trained, tight-knit team is crucial for us! Going over some of the smaller aspects of the install that the service partner might not be too familiar with was extremely beneficial. I was able to show him the details on putting together the branded tower and assembling the liquor reserve rack, two of the unique aspects of the install. Things went great and the install turned out fantastic! Check out some images!


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