February Newsletter

By donastar

February Newsletter

Donastar's February Newsletter!


In the importance of storytelling...

Donastar started a blog! Meet Mike, a Donastar employee well versed in beverage equipment with over 15 years of experience. Not only does he advise, perform, and help with services and consulting...but now he writes! Along with the Donastar team, the blog page focuses on giving you tools and expertise to understand beverage situations through case studies, videos, and other content. You might even see a blog about something you've requested, just let us know!


As a way to bring Donastar closer to you, we strive to make these blogs personal, entertaining, and educational. For example, we might discuss preventative or reactive service, the experience with beverage dispenser, and why that might be important to you. 

As our testimonials garner credibility, we will include customer feedback as well, if warranted. Furthermore, the blogs might talk about the latest trends in soda equipment and restaurant supply, helping you stay up to date and provide you the 'news' without the hassle. We've also had blogs regarding customers, service partners, or team members, to strengthen the beverage community! Check out the latest blog: here

**get updates on the blogs or give us feedback through LinkedIn or Facebook.

Thanks to Mike, we have another way to provide you content! We value your opinion and want to cater to your needs, please contact us if you want specific blog ideas. Thanks so much for your time.

Join us,  

Your friends at Donastar



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