Lancer Bold 30i

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This week I want to talk a little about a new Lancer beverage dispenser. It’s called the Bold 30i and, in my opinion, it’s one of the latest and greatest soda dispensers recently manufactured by Lancer Corporation. Before I get started, if you have any additional questions or want to purchase any of the discussed beverage equipment, don’t hesitate to contact us at


The reason I’m so involved in this new beverage machine is because, myself and some of the Donastar team, will be traveling to Texas in a couple weeks to meet with some of the team at Lancer and Travel Centers of America. 

Our job is to install this new fountain dispenser in a Travel Centers of America location while we are down there. Everyone is thrilled about meeting up and having a chance to learn more about this new unit and to get to know each other. I am excited to be part of one of the first few installations of this new dispenser. It will provide me the ability to train others for future installations with our Donastar service partners.


Some of the reasons this fountain equipment is unmatched:


The Lancer Bold 30i dispenser a very good-looking unit, if that can be said about a fountain machine!

Besides looks, the machine has a large variety of offerings considering it’s small size. For example, it has the ability to dispense cubed AND crushed ice and offer up to 24 flavors in a 30″ wide unit – pretty impressive! The size to offering ratio can cater to your smaller restaurant! Moreover, the dispenser has a 27″ digital merchandiser giving the operator many options in how they interactively promote their store and their products to the end user. Lastly, the patented Lancer Flow Control (LFCV) technology ensures no flavor or color carryover. Pair that with cast-in cold carbonation and you can ensure the customer is receiving the best quality product!


Thanks for reading! There will be more to come from this trip in a later blog with some additional content!


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