Lancer FS30: Brixing

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If you recall from last weeks blog, I was discussing the Lancer FS30dispenser. Today I wanted to discuss setting the ratios on the product being dispensed from this particular model. If you need any soda dispenser/beverage equipment or want to ensure your fountain machine is a Lancer FS30, give us a call! Ensuring that the ratios are set properly is vital to having the best quality beverage for your customer. To do this beverage service, it is done in the same manner as most dispensers using a ratio cup and a specific syrup separator. However, the separators are designed for this particular model.

This model uses what are called valve modules located behind the merchandiser and valve button housing. Water is controlled through a separate module from the syrup. There are 6 water modules and 16 syrup modules (there are also bonus flavor modules as well, but we will leave those for another time). First, you need to set the water modules to pour at a timed rate of dispense, 15 oz. for 4 seconds. To do this you will need to shut off the flavor module for the valves you are dispensing from by turning the paddle located on the correct flavor module so that it is horizontal with the front of the dispenser. Locate the water valve module and adjust the valve screw with a screwdriver clockwise to increase the flow and counter-clockwise to decrease the flow until you achieve the desired 15 oz for 4 sec.

Once that has been completed on the water modules you can adjust individual syrup module in the same fashion with the screwdriver. The desired ratio will depend on the product being used. If you are confused about the ratio for your soda dispenser, whether a Cornelius, Lancer, etc, you can give us a call and we can help! Most products are 5:1 so lets use that as an example. You will need to place your syrup separator on the nozzle for the 4 syrups you will be setting. Locate the correct modules on the dispenser. On this particular separator, the syrup comes out of the middle of the separator and the water out of the spout that extends from the side. Place your ratio cup with the large part of the cup under the spout and the center part under the correct ratio portion of your cup. Dispense the product you want to ratio by pressing the appropriate button and check to see if they are pouring evenly in the cup. If the syrup is lower or less than the water then you will need to increase the flow rate on that specific syrup valve module. If more than decrease the flow rate. Do this until the water and syrup are poured in the cup at the same rate and are even in the cup. Continue on until all valves have been set accordingly.

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