Lancer FS30: Carb/Water Setup


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Donastar has an exciting project to announce. We have begun a restaurant service project at 7-11stores across the New York Tri-State area. One portion of that project is converting some of the flavors on their soda dispensers from a carbonated brand to a plain water brand. For example, this could be from Coca-Cola Soda to Lemonade. I thought I would share a video of the conversion process on a beverage dispenser. The lancer unit I am working on is quite easy to service compared to the typical fountain style dispensers most people have come to know. These lancer units have a control board where this can be changed as opposed to having to connect and re- connect water tubing to the correct location on the dispenser itself to achieve the desired layout.


The beverage service steps I will lay out below:

This simple task can quickly be done by first removing the merchandiser on the front of the dispenser by lifting it up and off the unit. The control board is located in the upper right corner attached to the face of the soda dispenser or coke machine. There are 4 arrow buttons, up, down, left and right and an Enter and Cancel button. You will need to navigate to the correct option on the control board by using the up and down arrow buttons until the display reads Carb/ Plain Water setup. Hit the enter button and you will see another screen where you can change the set up on the valves. Only valve 2 and 3 , the 2 middle valves, each consisting of 4 buttons can be changed. The two outside valves, valve 1 and 4, can not be changed. Once on the right screen,  you can select either valve 2 or 3 and move the cursor right to change each button on the selected valve to either W or S (water or soda). Once you have the correct configuration you desire simply hit enter and now that valve will dispense in the manner you selected. This feature on the Lancer soda dispenser is quite user-friendly for everyone! If you don’t have a Lancer, but want to upgrade, contact us for restaurant or beverage supplies. Our job is to make your beverage service easy!


For a replacement or any additional questions or concerns, please visit for contact information or call us at 833-366-2782. We are happy to help, even if you just need further assistance on removing  the co2/air line.


We have lots of other content on diagnosing and fixing beverage issues, please check those out for a fast/free way to keep your cups full!





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