Setting syrup ratios on fountain dispenser

Are you receiving complaints of your fountain drinks tasting too weak? Too sweet? Adjusting the syrup ratios on your fountain dispenser is one of the most crucial and simple things an owner/operator can do to ensure the product they are offering to their customers is top quality. All beverage dispensers are a bit different, essentially, the process remains the same andcan be done easily with a little information and the right tools for the job.


In general you will need a ratio cup, syrup separator and a screwdriver for the simple service. There are different ratio cups that denote different ratios, I’d say the most common are 5.0:1 and 5.5:1. You can determine the exact ratio of each product by speaking with the manufacturer or consulting with Donastar. You will also need a specific syrup separator for your make and model dispenser. In the video attached, the gentleman is working on a Lancer IBD 4500 with LEV valves. In addition you will need a screwdriver to turn the screws to adjust the flow rate of the syrup. It is my recommendation that you only focus on the syrup side of the valve for adjustment and leave the water set as is.


You will want to start by removing the valve cover to access the screws underneath. You might need to remove your merchandiser (as shown in the video) to access the valve fully. Once you have access to the valve, you will need to remove the nozzle and replace it with the syrup separator for your specific valve. Place the ratio cup underneath ensuring that the syrup side of the ratio cup is poured into the smaller portion of the cup and the water into the larger part of the cup. We will use a 5.5:1 ratio for an example. Dispense the valve into the ratio cup. The goal to to match the 5.5:1 evenly with the syrup and water in cup. If the water reaches the mark before the syrup does you will need to increase the syrup flow. This can be done by turning the right side screw clockwise (in towards the dispenser).Small adjustments are best, and try again. If the syrup reaches the mark before the water does, then you would just do the opposite and turn the screw counter-clockwise (away from the dispenser) to decrease the flow. Do this until the syrup and water reach the 5 5:1 ratio marks on the cup at the same time, demonstrating the right ratio. A few things to note when checking ratios:

First, always ensure your BIB has plenty of syrup in it before testing. Second, check that your co2 tank has plenty of co2 and that their is ice in the dispenser to ensure the product is pouring cold.


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