Changing a valve block on Flomatic 424 valve

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Last week, I filmed a video on an Aquahealth machine that might help you with leaks. Have you ever seen a leak underneath or down the front of your splash plate on a dispenser with Flomatic 424 valves? (Reference the video to see if you have flomatic 424 valves).The leak could come from a faulty valve block. I am going to show you how to change one of these or at least diagnose it so that one of our trained technicians can come out and take care of it for you. 

Typically, you will notice a drip behind the valve running down the splash plate if your valve block is leaking. It tends to leak from either the water or syrup paddles or from the where it mounts to the syrup tubes, particularly the o-rings.
The valve blocks are fairly easy to replace with simply a screw driver and the correct replacement part(s). You will start by turning the water and syrup off to the dispenser. Run the valve to ensure that the pressure is gone from the lines and you have in fact turned it off. Better safe than sorry…if you attempt to take off the valve block without doing so you have a big mess on your hands. After confirming, you can start by removing the valve cover which simply lifts off! To remove the valve: Turn off the 2 paddles on the valve block first, left side is water and right side is syrup, by turning them towards the dispenser. Disconnect the cherry switch electrical connection by pulling it out firmly. Lift the metal locking clip up and you should be able to remove the valve from the valve block! (again if you need a vision aid, watch the video attached)

Now that the valve is removed, you have access to remove the block. There are 4 screws, one on each corner of the valve block. Remove all 4 screws and pull the block firmly to remove. I would advise changing the o-ring on the tubes that the valve block was removed from. After, you can re-install your new valve block. Install the same way you removed by pushing the new block on the the 2 tubes, it is very important to be sure to route the electrical wires so that they are not being pinched behind the block when you screw it back down. Replace the screws and tighten. Replace the valve in the reverse fashion and sure it is secure. Turn back the water and syrup back on and check for any leaks.  Voila! Enjoy your beverage!

For additional questions or concerns, please visit us for contact information or call us at 833-366-2782. We are happy to help! Donastar has lots of other content on diagnosing and fixing beverage issues, please check those out for a fast/free way to keep your cups full!



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