Installing a Water Button on an LEV Valve

Today we will be discussing how to install a water button/tab on your fountain dispenser, specifically on an LEV style valve for a Lancer IBD dispenser. This is a great way to have a flavorless water option without designating an entire valve to it. The only stipulation is that the valve itself must pour a non-carbonated beverage if you would like your water button to pour still water, or a carbonated beverage if you would like it to pour carbonated water. It is fairly easy to install with a couple basic tools, like a screwdriver and some needle nose pliers. It will require you to remove the valve that you would like to add the button to, so let start there.


You will need to first remove the valve cover by lifting it up. Find the two white paddles behind the valve and turn both towards the dispenser. This will turn off the water (left side) and syrup (right side) to that particular valve. Then, unplug the power connection. Lift up the metal locking pin that holds the valve in place in order to remove it from the valve block. Finally, take off the nozzle and diffuser. Once the valve is removed, you can begin installing the water button.


To install the water button you will need to break a small tab located on the bottom-left side of the valve using a flat head screwdriver. Just push and pop out the plastic tab. Insert the pin through the hole and secure it with the screw provided. Remove the screws located on the bottom-left side where the new button will go and attach the button in place with the same screws. Next, insert the set pin using needle nose pliers and secure the spring by wrapping the hook around the pin you inserted earlier as well as the set pin on the backside of the valve. Lastly, insert the push button into the housing that you attached to the valve. All set!


Now just place the valve back on the dispenser by reversing the steps you took to remove it and test the water button! If you have any questions or need know where to find the right equipment for your project, please call Donastar at 833-366-2782 or reach us through our website. We’d be more than happy to help.

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