Trunk Line Run and Connection

Trunk Line Run and Connection


During most fountain beverage installations your syrups (BIBS) will be located somewhere in a back room. This location can range from ten feet to hundreds of feet away from the dispenser. In order to supply the machine with syrups, your syrup lines (and sometimes water lines) will need to be run through a conduit in either the floor or the ceiling.


The syrups lines are large bundles of tubing called trunk lines that consist of anywhere from a few lines to upwards of twenty. Trunk lines are very heavy and stiff and can be awkward to maneuver, so using two people for this task is recommended. In order to pull the syrup lines through to the other end, you will need some sort of pull line.


First, decide which side is easier to “pull” from and which you should “feed” from. You will need to get your pull line in the conduit through to the other side; this is best achieved with an electrical fish tape. Once you feed the fish tapethrough to the other side, you can either connect a pull line and pull it back to the other side or you can attach the tubing bundle directly to the fish tape. Whichever you decide, you will want to make sure it is secured very well (it tends to get caught up on the edges inside the conduit and you don’t want it to separate and have to start all over again).


Once secured, have someone at one end pulling the line and someone on the other end helping to push, guide, and unwind the tubing. Afterthe lines have been successfully pulled though the conduit, cut each side of tubing to the correct length. You’ll want to make sure you have enough length on both sides to make connections with the dispenser and BIB pumps.


Next, you can cut and peel back the sheathing to reveal the tubing. There is a little string located underneath the sheathing to help assist with removing it from the bundle. Once the individual lines are free, you can make your connections. All of the lines are numbered so you can easily identify which line is associated with each product. Make connections accordingly using your Otiker clamps and Otiker pliers.


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