Donastar ‘Pre-Installation Site Survey’ Form Demonstration

Welcome!  Today we are talking about our Donastar Pre-Installation Survey form. Donastar has created several online forms to best gather and receive information. The Pre-Installation Site Survey form is usually filled out at the onset of an installation for us to get an idea of the space and to go over what’s needed so that we can ensure a smooth installation. In the accompanying video, I did this survey myself. However, it can be done by the customer contact, by a technician, or a by a contractor.


I will walk you through a bit of the Pre-Installation Survey form– it is located on our website under the “Service Partner Access” page. Once the form is open you will be able to fill out the basic information, like the name and address of the location as well as the projected install date. As you scroll down it will start to ask questions about the location of the beverage unit to be installed, counter space, counter top material, etc. If these items are not in place yet, as shown in the video, it is a good opportunity to discuss what will be in place and to ask any questions about the equipment. The form will then ask questions about the utilities, water hookup, electrical, drain, etc.


Some measurements will be needed when filling this form out such as the counter size and length of distance between a beverage unit and syrups, if applicable. Throughout the form, there will be places to add photos for review. Pictures can be taken on your phone as you are filling out the form and can either be uploaded as you go or uploaded after the rest of the form is complete. There is also a place at the end of the form to upload a video so that we can walk the site with you remotely.


Sometimes not all questions can be answered and that is fine. The point of this form is to gather as much information as we can at the time. Plus, because the form is online, once you fill it out and hit send it comes right to our office. There is no need to attach a form to an email and send it over. We strive to make the installation as seamless as possible and this is just the first step in that process. We look forward to working with you soon on your future beverage installation!


If there are any questions when filling out these forms, please call Donastar at 833-366-2782 or reach us through We’d be more than happy to walk through it with you.

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