Helpful Videos for Your Beverage Solution

The Man Behind the Camera!

Dehryen, pictured on the left, is one of Donastar’s customer service and technical support representatives. For many Donastar services, he takes a camera on site to film the process of the beverage solution. Hugo Lara, on the right, is one of Donastar’s service technicians that performed a service at Urbane Cafe. Together, they filmed a step by step installation video.  View this video, as well as many other tutorial videos below! 

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AquaHealth: Clean Machine

AquaHealth: Meter Reading

AquaHealth: PM

AquaHealth: Shutting Down Machine

AquaHealth: Start Machine

Bag in Box (BIB) Lines and Ice Bath

Explaining Bag in Box (BIB) Lines and Ice Bath For Installation


Beverage Filler Shut Off Procedures

Chipotle Beverage Filler Shut Off Procedures


Beverage Installation Part 1

Describing and Mounting Pumps on the Rack


Beverage Installation Part 2

Tying in All of the Beverage Lines and Tubing


Beverage Installation Part 3

Install CO2 Circuit


Beverage Installation Part 4

Water and Connecting Dispenser


BIB Lines and Ice Bath

Explaining BIB Lines and Ice Bath for Installation


BIB Pump Components

All of the components for your Bag in Box (BIB) flavors rack


Carbonator Pump

Carbonator Pump: Anatomy and Troubleshooting


Carbonator Pump Explanation

Cartridge Change

Water Filter Cartridge Change


Changing BIB Connectors: Tractor to Quick Disconnect (Liqui-Box)

Changing a Filter Assembly

Changing a Filter Assembly for the Beverage Filler


Chipotle Filter Cartridge Change

Clean and Sanitize Your Fountain Beverage Dispenser

Co2 Tank Explanation

Explanation and start up of a McCann Bic Mac

Debris in Beverage Filler Nozzle

Prevent Debris in Beverage Filler Nozzle


Cleaning Drain Lines

Fix Beverage Filler Nozzle

How to Fix Beverage Filler Nozzle Stuck in Open Position


Hands Free Dispenser

Hands Free Dispenser: Water Button Removal


How to Find a CO2 leak

How to Change a LEV Valve on a Tractor Beverage Machine

How to Brix Flavors

How to Brix a Wunder Bar Gun w/ Tractor Beverages

How to Program the Potentiometer For Crushed Ice

How to Clean Nozzles and Drain Lines

Ice Maker Drain Clog

Sanitize with an Enozo

Enozo has been tested to kill 99.99% of viruses to protect your store and your customers


Shutting Down Fountain Beverage Dispenser

Site Survey Walk Through