Hear What Customers Have to Say

Calling a Service Tech

We at Tractor have partnered with Donastar to handle almost all of our equipment installation and service needs for our partners across the country. They've done an excellent job of handling everything and communicating with Tractor. We recently swapped a whole small chain called Garbanzo from another beverage company over to Tractor with fountains and bubbler at every location. Everything was coordinated smoothly! We are very happy with the work that Donastar does. - Ed Bueche, Equipment Coordinator, Tractor Beverage Co

Mike Digilio (Donastar) helping Andrew Sexton (TodCo) with an installation

Working With Donastar

'We have been working with Donastar now for over six months to help us manage AquaHealth’s healthy fountain beverage service around the US. Their level of communication and follow up has set them apart from anyone else that we have found in the industry. From the initial conversation about the issue, to the tools at their disposal that helped us diagnose the service needed, all the way to the check-up after the service was completed, their process is second to none.' -Ryan Holden, Service Manager at AquaHealth

Accessing Donastar Content

"Thanks! the video worked and that was the problem at hand. thank you for your help, I am now a soda technician. " -Ryan Flatter, Manager at BirdCall