About Us and How We Work

Meet Josh

Josh joined Donastar Enterprises in 2019 as the company's first full-time employee. Today he leads Donastar's business development initiatives through sales, marketing, and customer service. After several years of experience in the foodservice industry, Josh understands the importance of quality support and smooth operations. With a major in psychology, he has a passion for building and maintaining relationships, and has a knack for understanding the needs of clients and customers. In his free time, Josh likes to hike, fish, and try new foods with friends and family.

How Donastar Keeps Your Cup Full

What We Help You With

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Local service partners 

Competent, local technician quickly at a competitive price available throughout North America
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Equipment/Parts Suppliers

-Access to equipment/parts/tools for any beverage project 
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Your Beverage Partner

-Connect your store to your beverage brands of choice