Donastar's Mission

We saw a communication, logistical, and costly gap between equipment companies, food and beverage partners, and restaurants. In attempting to bridge the gap, Donastar offers unparalleled beverage service and soda installation tools, expertise and options in efficient and convenient ways.  We strive to build relationships with restaurants, hospitality, and food service operators in North America, in order to, serve your customers. 

We hope to lead the beverage service industry  with content, communication and restaurant service excellence.  

Who we Are

Since 2018 Donastar is a primary provider of foodservice and beverage equipment service as well as water filtration systems. With over 500 service partners and thousands of trained technicians, we support operators all throughout North America to help them provide the ideal product. Frequently, we service restaurants, convenience stores, movie theaters, grocery stores, government facilities, schools & universities, entertainment venues, long term care facilities, residential properties, hotels & casinos and more! No matter how big or small the project, we always strive to ensure exceptional service. We are extremely appreciative of all of our partners and customers and we are very happy to support some of the industry’s most influential brands in the beverage and foodservice business including Coca Cola, Pepsi, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Tractor Beverage Company, Lancer worldwide, Marmon, and many more!  

Let's Start A Relationship

Some of our Food/Beverage Customers…

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